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We do staging differently! Keep more of your money!

Staging, correct placement, proper flow and professional photographs are the most important aspects

when attracting buyers to your property.

We have worked with clients in home prices ranging from $60K to $20M.  

We work with all size homes and budgets. Call, text, or email for a consult today!



If you are prepping your home to sell and want it to sell quickly - Call us!

If you need interior design, construction or landscape advise - Call us!

If your home has been on the market for awhile with no offers - Call us!

If you need vacant or occupied home staging - Call us!

If you need professional photos that showcase the value of your home - Call us!

If you want an honest, straight forward, professional plan to get the most money out of your property - Call us!

We are professional design consultants who have been working in Real Estate, Construction, Renovation and Interior Design for over 15 years. We will provide you with a straight forward, honest assessment of your home and its potential value to maximize your profit.

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